What is heart?

How can we understand classrooms as generative spaces brimming with fresh insights into the cultural, historical, and critical importance of the humanities? We believe that this is a crucial question in the fraught global climate of the 21st century, and higher education is one key space where we help foster and support future global citizens. In exploring both the delight and the rich sites of research in teaching, this conference advocates for a pedagogical-scholarly practice grounded in and motivated by our experiences in forging intentionally designed, ethical, and curiosity-driven classrooms.


When is heart?

HEART is generally held over Friday-Saturday in March. HEART 2019 is to be held on March 15-16th. 


how much does it cost?

Thanks to their strong commitment to undergraduate research and teaching, Bishop's University and the Maple League of Universities are sponsoring the conference and subsidizing the registration fees. Registration for students is $25, and $50 for faculty. This includes two dinners, one breakfast, one lunch, coffee and snacks, and two wine and cheese receptions. Travel and accommodations are not included, but we coordinate billets, car pools, pick ups (when available) from the airport and bus stations, etc. We have made great efforts to ensure this conference is inclusive and affordable for all members of our learning communities.

where is hearts held?

The HEART & SOULS conference takes place at Bishop’s University, located in a small English borough of Sherbrooke, Quebec.