Our Vision

Educators are innovators.


This year marks the 10th anniversary of QUEUC, started as a small, hilarious and very informal operation in September 2009. Now in its 10th year, we are re-branding and creating two streams for the conference, one for showcasing undergraduate research and the new stream focussed on faculty research into teaching the humanities.

SOULS -- the Scholarship of Undergraduate Literary Studies (a new and improved QUEUC)

HEART -- Humanities Education and Research in Teaching

We renamed ourselves because when we first started out, we had the very humble intentions of keeping this within the 5 English Departments in Quebec. Much to our surprise and delight, this is now an international conference that welcomes students from across Canada, throughout the US, and with representation from the UK.

The mission of H&S is to enable students and professors from across Canada to connect and share their research in a comfortable, collaborative environment that fosters the pursuit of knowledge and the love of learning. This is a chance to network, build connections, and encounter different world-views and perspectives all while highlighting undergraduate academia and scholarship.

In addition to two days of engaging panels, this conference includes a range of exciting events such as an English-themed trivia night, a wine and cheese, a plenary speaker, and themed events, such as Jane Austen celebrations in 2017.

Our 2019 conference will be on March 15-16.


Dr. Jessica Riddell