Conference Schedule


12:00 – 1:30pm: Lunch (Cleghorn - in the McGreer Building)

12:00 – 2:00pm: Registration (Cleghorn)

1:40 – 2:00pm: Welcome Address

2:00 – 3:30pm: Panel A:



Sending Messages Through Popular Media

Panel Coordinators – Philippe Zeenny & Ethan Pohl

Location: CLEGHORN

Emily Cox – Concordia University – A Touch of Cruelty: Wilde’s Aesthetic Theory and The Picture of Dorian Gray

Adèle Dumont-Bergeron – Concordia University – The Overtly Feminist Anne with an E: Updating L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables Through Contemporary Feminist Discourse

Aida Setbel – Concordia University – Survival and Anarchy in the State of Nature: Why "The Walking Dead" isn't about Zombies

Uniting Within the Context of Oppressive Bio-Politics

Panel Coordinators – Erika Duchesne-Mailhot and Rachael Smith

Location: MCGREER 100

Courtney Grainger – Bishop’s University – “Anything. Everything:” Kinship in Eden Robinson’s Monkey Beach

Carli Gardner – York University – Surviving the Fire: An Exploration of the Preservation of History in Saucier’s Postmodern Novel And the Birds Rained Down

Emily Levine – McGill University – Public Assembly, Biopolitics, and #BlackLivesMatter




Corrie Shoemaker – University of Waterloo – A Pedagogical Pursuit of Shakespeare: Cultivating Passion Amid Pseudo-Modernist Apathy

Payel C. Mukherjee (Ahmedabad University) and David J. Parkinson (University of Saskatchewan) – Narrative Self, Narrative Other: Teaching Literatures across Cultures in India and Canada

Sheheryar Sheikh – University of Saskatchewan – Fighting the Good Fight: Collaborative Teaching Renewed


3:45 – 5:15pm: Panel B:



Forming Identities in Climates of Dysfunctional Families and Oppression

Panel Coordinators – Tanya Molloy & Victoria de Morel

Location: MCGREER 100

Kayla Fanning – Concordia University – The Origin and Maintenance of Nathanael’s Closet: Homosexual Panic & Punishment in Ernst T. A. Hoffman’s “The Sandman”

Madison Pearson – University of Alberta – Cultural Bastards: The Queer Relationship between Homeland and Diaspora in Shani Mootoo’s “Out On Main Street”

Adelaide Strickland – St. Francis Xavier University – Changing Conceptions of Home in Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West and Warsan Shire’s “Conversations About Home”

Alexandra Lukawska – University of British Columbia – Twisted Families: Lineage and the Modern Gothic Narrative


Oppression of Identity Through Space and Circumstance

Panel Coordinators – Linnie McGuire and Anne Sophie Le Brun Robles Gil

Location: CLEGHORN

Emily Levine – McGill University – Universal Design as Praxis for Sociocultural Change

Hanna Buchanan – Concordia University – Raising the Nation: The Defence of a Feminine Ireland in Maria Edgeworth’s An Essay on Irish Bulls

Matthew Polinsky – Concordia University – An Ecocritical Analysis of the Bee Sting in Joyce’s Ulysses: Misconceptions and (Un)luckiness


5:30pm: Dinner (The Gait) 

6:30pm: Cranium Night (The Gait)


8:30 – 9:30am: Registration and Breakfast (Cleghorn)

9:30 – 10:00am: Welcome Address (Cleghorn) 

10:00 – 11:30am: Panel C:


QUEUC Alumni: The Role of Humanities in Public Life

Location: CLEGHORN

Evan Buck

Denise Page

Samantha Lynn Maliszewski

Bradley McDermid


Location: MCGREER 100

Janet Wesselius – University of Alberta (Augustana Campus) – Educating for a Career and Not Jobs: Teaching in a Humanities Classroom

Daniel Miller – Bishop’s University – “Augmented Lecturing”: Teach Different

Lana Radloff – Bishop’s University – Digging Innovation in the Classroom: Mock Archaeological Excavation


11:45am – 1:15pm: Panel D:


Societal Reflections on the Redistribution of Power

Panel Coordinator – Cole Eby

Location: CLEGHORN

Étienne Poirier – McGill University – Art, or How to Fix Politics - Franco-German Relations and the Dada Movement

Ona Ràfols – Concordia University – Historical Memory of the Spanish Civil War

Ghislaine Comeau – Concordia University – The Citizens and Rafe as Frightful Figures in a Changing World: What Makes Comedies Scary

“Not for the Dinner Table”: Politics in Contemporary Thought

Panel Coordinators – Luisa Koukounarakis & Darcie Talbott

Location: MCGREER 100

Gwenyth Clark – Bishop’s University – Japanese Foreign Relations and the Rise of a Militaristic Dai Aji-ashugi

Alex Vaillant-Gamelin – Bishop’s University – Impossible Heroics: Military Masculinity in Kurt Vonnegut’s Bluebeard and Timothy Findley’s The Wars

Roshana Ghaedi – University of Western Ontario – Trauma, Photography, and Fragmentation in Timothy Findley’s The Wars


Growing Identities: Class and Gender Relations in Literature

Panel Coordinators – Giulia Maggio-Tremblay & Sophie Hoang Tran Luu


Helena Almeida – University of British Columbia – The Consequences of Ambiguity in Pride and Prejudice

Ocean Francoeur – Bishop’s University – A Peek into the Bedroom: On Austen, Isabella, & the 2008 Film’s Infamous Scene

Elyse Loewen – Queen’s University – Dead Bodies and Living Identities in Katherine Mansfield’s “The Garden Party” and D. H. Lawrence’s “Odour of Chrysanthemums”

Gabrielle Stalker – Bishop’s University – ώϕέλεια: Courtly Love Conventions and Sacrificial Tragedy in Shakespeare’s Hamlet


1:15 – 2:00pm: Lunch (Cleghorn) 

2:00 – 3:30pm – Panel E:



Justice for Eve: Exploring Female Misrepresentation in Iconic Texts

Panel Coordinators – Luisa Koukounarakis & Darcie Talbott

Location: MCGREER 100 

Andrew Roberge – Concordia University – The Authorizing Function of Execution: Dampening the Transgressive Heroes of Elizabeth Cary and Aphra Behn

Lisa Litwack – Concordia University – To All Virtuous and Good Women: Absolution of Sin in Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum

Cassidy Burr – Queen’s University – Desiring and Devastating Women: Eliot's Representation of Female Bodies as Cultural Landscapes


Resistance and Reimagining of Cultures Through Diaspora Literature

Panel Coordinator – Guillaume Lévesque

Location: CLEGHORN

Casey Williams – Concordia University – Perpetuating Limbo: Wilson Harris’ Palace of the Peacock and Kamau Brathwaite’s “Caliban”

Ariane Chasle – Concordia University – Diaspora Literature and Japan: Kazuo Ishiguro as Cultural Intermediary 

Bo Zhang – McGill University – A Lucky Misfortune? Sima Qian's Shiji (The Grand Historical Records)



Welcome To My Classroom (Full Session)

Location: OLD LIBRARY 

Aaron Finbloom – Concordia University – Thinking Games: Making Philosophical Dialogical Performances


3:45 – 5:00pm – Panel F:



Oh, Canada: The Challenges and Misrepresentations of Identity Within Canadian Literature

Panel Coordinators – Stephanie Armstrong & Morgan Cohen

Location: CLEGHORN

Morgan Cohen – Bishop’s University – Bone Marrow at the Kitchen Table: An Analysis of Science Fiction Counter-Narratives in The Marrow Thieves

Courtney Grainger – Bishop’s University – Oppression Breeds Abjection: Oppression in Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms at Night

Madison Pearson – University of Alberta – Beyond Settler Ghosts: The Postcolonial Gothic in Purdy’s “The Country North of Bellville” and Birney’s “Can. Lit.”

Dylan Urquhart – Concordia University – A Paradigm Shift: An Examination of the Way the Works of Pauline Johnson are Viewed Following the Publication of Gerson and Strong Boag’s Paddling Her Own Canoe


So You Want to be an English Major: From Canon Classics to Understanding the Language

Panel Coordinators – Molly Stewart & Chelsea Cote

Location: MCGREER 100

Josiah Snell – University of Victoria – Words, Words, Words: Samuel Beckett's Silent War On Language

Hannah Gardiner – University of Waterloo – Standard English and Academic Writing

Gelsey Latonio – Bishop’s University – “Is that your loss? By God, it is routhe”: Tact in Technique in the Book of the Duchess

Olivia Lim – University of British Columbia – Understanding Heaven Through Hell in Milton’s Paradise Lost



Three Cases for the Humanities at Large


Jonathan Powers – Thomas More Institute

Guillaume Lavoie - Collège Néo-Classique

Stefan Samuel - The Grammaticus


5:15 – 6:30pm: Dinner (Cleghorn)

7:00pm: Plenary Speaker (BANDEEN) – Erin Shields - “Reimagining Paradise Lost: Adapting John Milton’s Paradise Lost For Our Here and Now”

Erin Shields is a Canadian stage actress and playwright. She is best known for her play If We Were Birds, which won the Governor General's Award for English-language drama at the 2011 Governor General's Awards, and was a nominee for the 2010 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Play. Her play Paradise Lost, a theatrical adaptation of John Milton's Paradise Lost, was commissioned by the Stratford Festival for the 2018 season. The play had an extended run with great critical and popular acclaim. The play was a shortlisted finalist for the Governor General's Award for English-language drama at the 2018 Governor General's Awards. Her other plays include Barrel Crank, Montparnasse (cowritten with Maev Beaty), The Unfortunate Misadventures of Masha Galinski, The Epic of Gilgamesh, Soliciting Temptation, and Beautiful Man.

8:00 – 8:30pm: Closing Ceremonies (Bandeen)

8:30 – 10:00pm: Wine and Cheese (Bandeen)