What is SOULS?

SOULS (Scholarship of Undergraduate Literary Studies) is an annual international research conference for undergraduate students in the humanities. Undergraduate scholars present their research essays on critical and literary theory in thematic panels. As Canada's premier undergraduate conference in the Humanities, SOULS is an exceptional professional networking opportunity for high-achieving students who want to exchange with like-minded peers.

Previously, SOULS was known as QUEUC (Quebec Universities English Undergraduate Conference). However, we have grown into something new. What started as a humble conference for English universities in Quebec has grown into the largest humanities undergraduate conference in North America.

When will souls be held?

SOULS is generally held over Friday-Saturday in March. SOULS 2019 is to be held on March 15-16th. 

How Much does it cost?

Thanks to their strong commitment to undergraduate research and teaching, Bishop's University and the Maple League of Universities are sponsoring the conference and subsidizing the registration fees. Registration for students is $25. This includes 2 dinners, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, coffee and snacks, and 2 wine and cheese receptions. Travel and accommodations are not included, but we coordinate billets, car pools, pick ups (when available) from the airport and bus stations, etc. We have made great efforts to ensure this conference is inclusive and affordable for all members of our learning communities.

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Why should i be interested in souls?

This conference empowers undergraduate students to find their voice as young scholars. Though students pour hours of learning, research, questioning, and writing in the production of a paper, the majority of essays are only read by the professor who assigned them. This is an opportunity to recognize undergraduate research in a public forum and to celebrate the academic culture of the Humanities. As a conference entirely organized and led by students, SOULS is a networking opportunity for peers to exchange their ideas from an authoritative position, and to connect with like-minded scholars. Attending a conference prepares students for further pursuits in academia, and for professional opportunities outside the university. As a bonus, SOULS looks great on an application for grad school and/or a résumé.

Can I attend the conference without presenting?

Yes! Many students attend SOULS once or multiple times before presenting. The conference is a networking opportunity for all attendants. All panels feature question periods that open the floor to a conversation between presenters and the audience. The conference also includes many social events, meals and receptions, and cultural programs for all attendants. We encourage first and second years students to register as non-presenters, as many of them are discovering the world of conferencing for the first time.